Fiber Glass roll

Fiber Glass roll, thickness 50 - 70mm, high-arrestance filter made of high strength glass fiber with gradual density

Fiber Glass roll

Air Filters air filter media consists of a continuous filament fiberglass of graduated density to ensure depth loading.


  • The air leaving side of the media incorporates a skin backing which supports the media and creates a final filtration stage.
  • Low initial resistance.
  • Large filtering surface.
  • With construction the windward side is green, the leeward side is white.
  • Fiber Glass roll with long fiberglass in non-woven way, large ventilation quantity, small resistance, good efficiency of the dust arrestance for the over-spray.
  • Environmental-friendly and inner circulating air more clean.
  • High dust collecting volume.
  • Fiberglass air filter  is used because of its increased density of making way for air.


  • Used in the spray booth or filter mist in the kitchen.
  • Fiber Glass roll use for the explosion grinding bag dust collector in the cement plant  and blast furnace.
  • Filber glass roll use in the coating industry ,chemical industry, spray booth... 

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