Metal Mesh panel

Metal Mesh air filters offer a semi-permanent, suited for outdoor environments, cleanable air filtration solution, with integrated shielding capabilities.

Metal Mesh panel

Metal Mesh panel air filter model performs with a high degree of dust arrestance when installed in industrial machinery ,power generation   and equipment military .


  • Filters air are made of special material metal and constructed for long filter life and durability.
  • Filters air are made of flat aluminum screen wire and multiple layers of pleated that allows for easy capture of particulates.
  • With a sturdy metal frame.
  • Material: aluminum mesh, glvanized steel mesh,stainless steel mesh…
  • The air filter panel galvanised retaining meshes are fitted on both sides of this panel filter.
  • Initial resistance: 21 Pa.
  • Max Temperature: 250 ℃ with  resistance humidity 100%
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Resistance to Airflow


  • The Metal Panel air filter is a coarse filter suitable for conditioning systems and air ventilation.
  • The air filter is suitable for use at high air velocities.
  • The metal panel filter is not fire, suited to applications in fire is a potential hazard.
  • Metal filter for Prefilter for thick particles and for grease or oil mist separation…

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