PE filter bag

PE filter bag - Polyester filter bag that used in filting honey, beverage, mineral water, normal water, chemical, fish sauce, milk, cooking oil...

PE filter bag

Designed to meet the requirements of all types housings and for industry standard filter housings, is filter bags for all of , of liquid filtration applications.


  •  Media filter: cloth Polyester.
  • Polyester Felt is excellent for hot oil and other applications, maximum working fluid temperature: 275°F or 135° C.
  • Excellent For Water, Biodiesel, Oil,  Alkali, Fuels, Weak Acids…
  • Special design multifilament scrim  provides resistance to mechanical damage over the life and excellent dimensional stability.

  • Polyester Felt is generally compatible with most fluids except are strongly alkaline or strongly acidic.
  • Polyester Filter Bags are with both plastic and metal sealing rings.
  • Available in ratings from 1 to 100 micron.
  • Polyester felt filter bag other particles and reduces sediment.


  • Chemicals processing: Chemicals processing, raw mills.
  • For applications such as removing removing plastic fines from water and filtering condensate.
  • Filter honey, wine…

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