Carbon panel

Carbon panel absorb smell toxic air, remove odors safely and naturally with carbon air filters.

Carbon panel

Panel air filter carbon activated provide one of the most effective methods for removing odours and gaseous contaminants.


  • The panel air filter with activated carbon stops all particles and also odours, is widely recognized as effective methods of removing an fume buildupd/preventing odor in recirculated air.
  • Carbon Panels are manufactured using grade 207°C Carbon Granules which are chemically bonded to form a uniform panel.
  • Activated carbon comes in two forms: base carbon and impregnated carbons.
  • Activated Carbon Panel Filters are normally supplied fitted with an aluminium frame and can be made to any reasonable size to match existing panels of all makes.

  • Panel Filters with Activated Carbon  are supplied fitted with an aluminium frame, with chemically enhanced impregnated carbon particles attached to a high efficiency polyester filber.
  • These panel contain approximately 15 grams of activated carbon per square foot of media area.
  • Does not create new pollutants.

thông số khung lọc khí

  • Pre-filtration in air conditioning system in Airports, Bars, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Beauty Salons, Labs...
  • Activated carbon filters use for odours and removing a large array of volatile organic compounds (VOC”s).
  • Removing fine particles, pollen, dust,  and mold spores from the in air.

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